CareerSMARTZ A career solving problems is a life well spent!
CareerSMARTZA career solving problems is a life well spent! 


Gonyea & Associates, owned and operated by James C. Gonyea, is a private career guidance agency located in central Florida specializing in guiding students and adults in:

  • Selecting a career direction in line with their interests and talents
  • Finding employment where their talent can best succeed
  • Capitalizing on the sale of their talent

Typical users include:

  • High school and college students
  • Adults making a mid-life career change
  • Military veterans seeking civilian employment
  • Individuals re-entering the workforce after a long absence
  • Anyone who desires to achieve higher levels of career success

Individuals wishing to receive career assistance may elect to use either the free guides and/or the paid online career counseling service found at this website.

Gonyea & Associates also provides consulting services to schools, universities, publishing firms, and corporate American in the design and development of career-related materials and services – such organizations as:

  • America Online (AOL)
  • Apple
  • Baron’s Educational Service
  • Chronicle Guidance
  • McGraw-Hill
  • Orchard House Publications
  • Pearson
  • Peterson’s Guides
  • Walt Disney World

James C. Gonyea

  • Career guidance counselor and instructor with over 40 years of experience
  • Book author published by several leading publishing houses
  • Interest Inventory designer and developer
  • Past Director of Career Development Services at St. Petersburg College
  • Past Host of the AOL Career Center serving 40+ million subscribers
  • Career guidance and development consultant

Larry Goldsmith

  • Résumé Branding Expert / Author of Building the Looking-Glass Résumé book
  • Over 25 Years’ experience as a self-employed Professional Résumé Writer and Job Coach
  • Worked with more than 30K job seekers and those seeking to find a different career path 
  • Led Career Development Services at St. Petersburg College in Florida
  • College Professor (Career and Life Planning,  Study Skills, and College Experience.
  • Former Workforce Development One-Stop Career Centers Administrator/Labor Market Specialist 

James Gonyea and Larry Goldsmith were voted "two of the most visionary and forward-thinking leaders in the field of career development" in the 2013 CSO career services insight survey.

The career guidance materials (guides) found at this website are available for free.  It is my (James Gonyea) way of giving back after a long and successful career.

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