Welcome to CareerSMARTZ
Welcome to CareerSMARTZ

About CareerSMARTZ ...



CareerSMARTZ is a complete career guidance program designed to produce highly effective (aka career intelligent) individuals who are best equipped to meet the needs of their profession and who are also most likely to achieve career success.


Upon completion of the program, CareerSMARTZ individuals fully understand the following concepts as they relate to their chosen career:

  • Mission and goals
  • Objectives and timeline
  • Strategies for reaching objectives
  • Problems and obstacles to be encountered
  • Strategies (solutions and resources) required for success

Armed with this information, CareerSMARTZ workers are best positioned to achieve personal career success while also reaching the goals and objectives of their employers - a win-win situation!




As a career guidance strategy, CareerSMARTZ is ideally suited for use by college students preparing for their first career and adults who are engaged in career development or transition. 



CareerSMARTZ does not subscribe to the traditional belief that users can only become valuable career contributors after many months of experience on the job. Rather, the CareerSMARTZ program speeds up this process to give both college graduates and adults in career transition the career intelligence they need to more quickly contribute to the needs of their profession and to achieve success.


CareerSMARTZ covers all the topics typically found in a well-designed career guidance program, such as personal assessment, career exploration and selection, resume writing, interviewing, and job hunting techniques.


However, in addition, and unique to this program, a number of well-proven business success strategies have been incorporated (including the time-tested philosophies of "Find a need and fill it" and "Problem-solvers are most likely to succeed") to produce highly talented and successful employees.




For colleges that use the CareerSMARTZ program, improvement in admissions, retention and graduation rates can be expected.  For employers who hire CareerSMARTZ trained applicants, greater productivity, less training, and fewer employee turnovers can be expected.


For adults that follow the CareerSMARTZ strategy, clarity of career direction and purpose and higher levels of career satisfaction and success can be achieved.

CareerSMARTZ - Increase your happiness by working smarter!

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