Welcome to CareerSMARTZ
Welcome to CareerSMARTZ

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The Career SMARTZ program was developed by James C. Gonyea and Larry Goldsmith.  Using their knowledge gained from each of their 40+ years of experience in career and employment guidance, James and Larry developed the CareerSMARTZ program to provide college students and adults with a higher level of "career intelligent" (aka knowledge and skills) with which they can more easily and effectively achieve career success.


The program was developed to respond to the growing trend where college graduates and adults in career transition were reporting record low levels of career satisfaction and success.


Our goal is simple... to use our combined 80+ years of experience in career guidance to enhance the career guidance skills of career guidance professionals and the career success of college graduates and working adults. 

James C. Gonyea

Career Development Specialist

President, Gonyea & Associates


  • 40+ years of experience in career development
  • Author of 10 books and software programs on career selection, job hunting and career success
  • Author of the Perfect Career Interest Inventory and Career Quest Inventory
  • Developer/Host: America Online (AOL) Career Center
  • Past Director of Career Development Services at St. Petersburg College
  • Past college career counselor, advisor and instructor
  • Founder/President: Gonyea & Associates
  • Host: Internet Career Connection (www.iccweb.com)
  • Co-Host: Career SMARTZ website (www.careersmartz.com)
  • Consultant to America Online, Monster.com, Apple eWorld, Walt Disney World, Pearson Education

Member of the National Career Development Association (NCDA)

Larry Goldsmith

Career and Workforce Specialist

President, Jaazle.com


  • 20 Years’ experience as a Self-employed Professional Résumé Writer and Job Coach
  • Worked with over 25,000 job seekers and those seeking to find a different career path 
  • Author of Building the Looking-Glass Résumé book
  • Co-authored with James Gonyea “ America's Top 200 Jobs”
  • Creator of the Jaazle Resume Writing and Job Search Systems
  • Led Career Development Services at St. Petersburg College
  • Certified Personal Empowerment by Type Facilitator (P.E.T.)
  • Certified SCORE Business Mentor  (Counselors to America's Small Business)
  • College Professor (Career and Life Planning/Study Skills and College Experience)
  • Former Workforce Development One Stop Career Centers Administrator
  • Host: www.jaazle.com
  • Co-host: Career SMARTZ website (www.careersmartz.com)

Member of the National Association of Workforce
Development Professionals (NAWDP)

CareerSMARTZ - Increase your happiness by working smarter!

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