Welcome to CareerSMARTZ
Welcome to CareerSMARTZ

Powered by the philosophies of "find a need and fill it," and "problem-solvers are the most likely to succeed," CareerSMARTZ is the next generation of career guidance designed to increase your career success. 

Offering the following services...

FREE College Program

A free Freshmen to Senior career guidance program for colleges dedicated to producing CareerSMARTZ grads.


Training for career guidance professionals who wish to use our CareerSMARTZ materials with students or clients.

Personal Counseling

Personal guidance for college students/grads and adults who desire higher levels of career enjoyment and success.

The CareerSMARTZ A-Z college program is free for college career guidance professionals.  It's our way of giving back.

Proud 5 year user of Swift To-Do List.  The best daily organizer I've ever used.  Can't work without it!

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