CareerSMARTZ - Redesigning how you work to increase your career success and personal happiness!
CareerSMARTZ - Redesigning how you work to increase yourcareer success and personal happiness!

The CareerSMARTZ  strategy ...

The CareerSMARTZ program is built around 7 major milestones (see below) that most individuals encounter in their career - from early adolescence to retirement.  Each milestone contains one-or-more activities.


You are invited to use any or all of the CareerSMARTZ materials - at no charge - for yourself or for use with your students and clients.  Depending upon where one is currently in their career will determine which activities are appropriate.


Before you do anything, please download and print the Q&A and Table of Contents documents below. The Q&A provides an overview of the entire program.  Use the Table of Contents as an Index (with a 3-ring binder) to store and organize the entire collection of downloadable materials.


If you're a career guidance professional, also download the RX CareerSMARTZ document.  Use it as a "prescription" pad when handing out an assignment to clients or students.

Q&A Version: 10-21-18
Adobe Acrobat document [207.3 KB]
Table of Contents Version: 10-25-18
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RX CareerSMARTZ Version: 10/25/18
RX CareerSmartz.pdf
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  1. Download and read the Q&A document above.
  2. Download the Table of Contents document above (for later use).
  3. Review the 7 milestones below.
  4. Determine which milestone you would like to complete.
  5. Click on the "Learn More" button associated with the milestone that you've chosen to download instructions regarding how to complete the milestone.

Suggestion!  Due to its importance, it is highly recommended that everyone complete Milestone #1 as their first step.

1. Prepare for a successful journey

Select this milestone if you wish to develop a more positive, powerful mindset and a support team - two key ingredients for career success.

2. Select a career goal and mission objective

Select this milestone if you wish to define your career selection criteria, identify career options that match, discover global problems and needs related to your top career options, and select a career goal and mission objective.

3. Identify and develop the required career qualifications

Select this milestone if you wish to determine which qualifications are needed to enter your chosen career, and to prepare a plan to develop the qualifications.

4. Define and promote your talent

Select this milestone if you wish to define your talent (how you plan to achieve your chosen career goal and mission) and promote it publicly to attract buyers (employers).

5. Seek and secure employment

Select this milestone if you wish to target employers who need your talent, determine your employment value for each employer, overcome your barriers, get job offers, and begin your new career.

6. Continue your career journey

Select this milestone when you wish to examine whether changes to your career goal and mission objective are needed.


Select this milestone anytime throughout your career when you feel a need to examine where your career is headed.

7. Leave a legacy for others to follow

Select this milestone when you are planning your retirement, or actually in retirement, to record your talent for sharing with others and to leave a legacy for others to follow.

Download our Q&A for a complete overview of our program! Version: 10-21-18
Adobe Acrobat document [207.3 KB]

CareerSMARTZ - Powered by the twin philosophies of "Find a need and fill it" and "Problem-solvers are the most likely to succeed."

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