Welcome to CareerSMARTZ
Welcome to CareerSMARTZ

The CareerSMARTZ  strategy ...

To develop highly intelligent career professionals properly armed for success, it is recommended that you follow the CareerSMARTZ guidance program - aka strategy - listed below.  The strategy is built around the 7 steps with each step containing one or more sub-steps.


The program outlines activities that are typically encountered and completed when building a career - from the mid-adolescent years to retirement.  Therefore, depending on your current career goals, objectives, and needs, it is unlikely that you will need all 7 steps at any one time, but, rather, over a period of years.


Steps 1 and 2 deal with career selection.  Steps 3 and 4 with developing and defining your talent.  Step 5 with job hunting.  Steps 6 and 7 with post-retirement career planning and legacy building.


The CareerSMARTZ strategy is appropriate for both college students and grads preparing for their first career, as well as adults who wish to advance their current career development or change careers.

1. Prepare for a successful journey

Objectives: Develop a positive mindset and build a support team.



2. Define a career goal and mission objective

Objectives: Define your career selection criteria, identify career options that match, discover in-demand employment opportunities, and select a career goal and mission objective.


3. Identify and develop the required career qualifications

Objectives: Determine which qualifications are needed to enter your career, prepare a plan to develop the qualifications, and then put your plan into action.


4. Define and publicize your talent

Objectives: Define your talent (how you plan to achieve your career goal and mission) and promote it publically to attract buyers.

5. Seek and secure employment

Objectives: Target employers who need your talent, determine your employment value for each employer, overcome your barriers, get job offers, and begin your new career.

6. Continue your career journey

Objective: Repeat the CareerSMARTZ strategy to reach all of your career goals.



7. Leave a legacy for others to follow

Objectives: record your talent and share it with others who wish to follow in your footsteps.

CareerSMARTZ - Increase your happiness by working smarter!

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