Welcome to CareerSMARTZ
Welcome to CareerSMARTZ

Step 2: Define a career goal and mission objective

2.1 Define your ideal career criteria

Define who you are.  What are your interests and skills?  What values should your future career support? What type of employers do you prefer?  Where and how do you want to live and work?


Without such knowledge, you have no criteria for decision-making and planning and may flounder for years without this important information.

2.2 Identify career options

Learn the art of occupational cross-walking - the ability to find career options (job titles) that match your career criteria - occupations that would be an ideal place to begin your life's career or when making a mid-life career change.

2.3 Select your top 3 career options

From a review and rating of each occupation's profile (duties, qualifications, outlook, etc.), identify the top 3 most appealing occupations.



Find a need and fill it! Follow the time-proven strategy for success.

2.4 Discover occupational needs

Research your career options to discover the true nature of each occupation and the problems and needs inherent in each occupation. Discover what it will take to become successful in each occupation.


Start becoming a problem-solver - it's one of the most important keys to your career success!

2.5 Select a career goal

Compare each of your career options to your career criteria list and select the occupation that will best give you what you want from your future career.

2.6 Define a career mission objective

Determine which problems and needs (associated with your chosen career goal) you want to solve as your career mission objective.

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