Welcome to CareerSMARTZ
Welcome to CareerSMARTZ

5. Seek and secure employment

5.1 Identify target employers

Identify employers who have a need for your talent - employers who need your problem-solving solutions to achieve their business success.


Shotgunning your resume to everyone is a waste of time - learn to laser in on the right buyers.

5.2 Determine your employment value

Learn how your targeted employers operate and determine within those guidelines how your talent can help them achieve their business goals and objectives.


Discover and be able to articulate why each employer should hire you!


How you can help each employer is the answer to the #1 question asked by employers in an interview - "Why should I hire you?"

5.3 Resolve your obstacles

Determine what barriers may hinder employment at each targeted employer and determine how to best resolve - or address - each barrier should they occur.


Don't get caught unprepared!

5.4 Apply for employment

Contact targeted employers and provide each with information regarding how your talent can help them reach their business goals.  Ask for an interview to discuss how you can help.


Stress how each employer can benefit from hiring you!

5.5 Interview for employment

Engage in discussions with each targeted employer concerning the employer's business goals, objectives, and needs, and how your talent can be used to help each employer achieve business success.


Ask for an opportunity to help (a job offer) and negotiate mutually beneficial terms of employment.

5.6 Start your job on the right foot

Make the right decisions and take the right steps that will set the stage for success at your new job.

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