CareerSMARTZ - Redesigning how you work to increase your career success and personal happiness!
CareerSMARTZ - Redesigning how you work to increase yourcareer success and personal happiness!

Why CareerSMARTZ is better...

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WHY do you work?

Most likely to:

  • Earn an income
  • Do things you enjoy
  • Achieve personal goals
  • Be around people
  • Pursue a dream
  • Earn respect and appreciation

These are all common reasons for working as they reflect basic human needs.


However, as work objectives, they often do not result in success and happiness.


Read on!

HOW do you work?

You're most likely using a "self-centered" strategy meaning that your first or primary objectives are to satisfy your needs.

This is the most common work strategy as human beings are programmed by their DNA to try to satisfy personal needs.


Need proof?  Google Abraham Maslow.


While common, this "me first" strategy often fails to bring about the desired level of career success and personal happiness.

What then is a better strategy?


Research conducted by the authors (and 40+ years of experience as career development specialists) has revealed that career success and personal happiness are dependent upon four factors.  You must...

  1. Work in a job that is enjoyable and one that you can do well.
  2. Take time to identify the "global" problems and needs encountered by colleagues in your field and by those people they serve.
  3. Dedicate yourself to finding solutions to those global problems and needs.
  4. Market your solutions to the widest possible audience to gain the greatest rewards from your work.

CareerSMARTZ was designed to guide you in achieving all 4 of these outcomes following what we call the "other people first" strategy.

Easier said then done?

Yes, we agree considering most workers have never been exposed to the "other people first" strategy.

Due to this lack of knowledge, current career guidance programs were limited only to helping you discover WHAT kind of work you should do. 


However, we believe that career guidance programs should also teach you HOW to work to gain the highest return from your labor.

Welcome to CareerSMARTZ - a different, better career guidance program.  All the help you need to find the right career, land the perfect job, and learn HOW to develop a work strategy to achieve higher levels of career success and personal happiness.

And it's 100% FREE!


Its taken both authors a lifetime of experience to develop the CareerSMARTZ program and our rewards have been great.  Now, it's time to give back and share our knowledge with anyone who wishes to improve their career success and personal happiness.

Our program is ideal for individuals involved in career planning, such as:

  • High school and college students
  • Adults changing careers
  • Military vets entering civilian careers
  • Older adults planning their career after retirement

And professional career and academic counselors and advisors who wish to use CareerSMARTZ with students and clients.​​

CareerSMARTZ is a complete A-Z career guidance program covering topics spanning adolescence to retirement.

It covers:

  • Personal assessment
  • Occupational exploration
  • Career goal selection
  • Career mission planning
  • Educational training
  • Talent definition and promotion
  • Employer targeting
  • Employment value clarification
  • Applying, interviewing, negotiating for work
  • Starting work on the right foot
  • Continual life-long career planning
  • Career planning after retirement

It's not an overnight fix!



Rather, it's a life-long career guidance program which you may use many times throughout your career.


While parts may take only hours, days, weeks, or months to complete (depending upon the nature of the activity chosen), the entire program is designed to guide you from the beginning of your career to the end.

How to start

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Come back often

We'll keep this program available on the Internet for years to come for your use as your career evolves.

Need help?

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The legal stuff


You may download and print our materials for your own personal use, or for use with your students, clients, and customers at no charge.  However, you may NOT incorporate any of our materials into any other program or system without our written permission.  You may NOT charge a fee for the use of our materials.


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Best of luck with your career!

Authors of CareerSMARTZ

James C. Gonyea & Larry Goldsmith

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CareerSMARTZ - Powered by the twin philosophies of "Find a need and fill it" and "Problem-solvers are the most likely to succeed."

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