Welcome to CareerSMARTZ
Welcome to CareerSMARTZ

Do you - or someone you counsel or teach - want more career...

  • Enjoyment
  • Income
  • Opportunities to solve problems
  • Success
  • Long-term survivability
  • Recognition as a valuable player
  • Challenging work
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Chances to make a positive difference



Yes, you can have more of these, but not if you're using the wrong career strategy.


If your strategy is to work hard and hope the benefits will come your way, you're missing the key ingredient to real career success.



Analysis of very successful people reveals that career success

requires that you:


  1. Pursue occupations related to your interests and skills,
  2. Conduct research to discover the major problems/needs inherent in your career field,
  3. Conduct more research to find solutions to those needs,
  4. Sell your solutions to the widest possible audience of people who need your solutions.



Are you following the

above 4-step  strategy?



Chances are you know how to do your job, but not how to CAPITALIZE on the sale of your knowledge (aka Talent) to get the best ROI (Return on your investment of time, money, and energy)!



Consider this...


If the only income you're receiving is from the sale of your talent from your employer, then you're earning much less than your talent is worth!



Learning how to CAPITALIZE on your talent is what CareerSMARTZ is all about.



Learn more about how you, your clients, of your students can capitalize on their talents.

The CareerSMARTZ A-Z college program is free for college career guidance professionals.  It's our way of giving back.

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