CareerSMARTZ - Redesigning how you work to increase your career success and personal happiness!
CareerSMARTZ - Redesigning how you work to increase yourcareer success and personal happiness!

What is CareerSMARTZ and how can it help you?

CareerSMARTZ is a new strategy designed from years of research to help you work smarter to achieve higher levels of career success and personal happiness.

Why was CareerSMARTZ developed?


The numbers tell the story!


Susan Adams, a Forbes staff writer reported that in 2014 52.3% of all American workers were unsatisfied at work (according to the Conference Board, a NY-based nonprofit research group).  Other researchers found similar stats and those numbers remain similar today.


Burning Glass reported that 43% of 4-year college grads were working in jobs that did not require a college education.

Why are so many workers unhappy or underemployed?


Our experience as career guidance specialists has shown us that one of the main reasons for this situation is the fact that most workers employ the wrong strategy (objectives) when building a career.

For example, the strategy (or objective) used by most workers is to first satisfy personal needs, such as the need for:

  • Enjoyable work
  • Companionship
  • Accomplishment
  • Opportunity to use one's talent
  • An income
  • Opportunity to develop a new skill

This strategy is considered "self-centered or "me first" and, surprisingly, often doesn't lead to success or personal happiness.

A better work strategy...


Our research and experience over the last 40+ years have demonstrated that there exists a better strategy for achieving career success and personal happiness - a strategy we call "other people first."

Do you - or someone you teach or counsel - want more career success and personal happiness?


If so, click the button below to learn more about our free CareerSMARTZ career guidance program.

Download our Q&A for a complete overview of our program! Version: 10-21-18
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CareerSMARTZ - Powered by the twin philosophies of "Find a need and fill it" and "Problem-solvers are the most likely to succeed."

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